Thursday, 15 October 2009

Gardening projects

There's something about an empty piece of ground that just screams "Cultivate me!". And I can't resist. Last week, I sowed some early carrots, winter salads, and broad beans, and this week I saw that they are just poking through the soil.

I have divided my onion sets between the veg patch and the garden next to the herbs, so we'll see which do best. I also planted my garlic this week, a little early, but I couldn't wait! I broke up one bulb and planted the cloves in pots, and the second bulb I put in the garden next to the raspberry bushes. The ground is still quite warm so they should be OK, let's just hope for some cold spells soon so the cloves develop into bulbs.

After dealing with the veg patch I turned my attention to some dying conifers we planted many years ago. There are two in some lovely square Japanese-style pots. My husband and I wanted to replace them so I decided to buy some Acers to mirror the Japanese feel. I found two lovely specimens at Arcade Nursery in Arlesey. Once repotted I finished them off with some purple alpine slate.

My final project this week was to prepare pots of bulbs for Christmas presents, an idea I got from Alys from Gardeners' World. Now, I don't know if they will be in flower by December 25th but I will do my best! I bought some fragrant Crocus bulbs and potted seven to a pot, finishing again with some purple alpine slate. I have done three pots, which are now stored in my makeshift coldframe (aka the wheelbarrow!). I'll bring them in at the beginning of December to stimulate growth. Fingers crossed it works!

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