Monday, 25 January 2010

BBC Dig In 2010

I remembered as I was writing my veg list on Sunday night that I still have my BBC Dig In seeds from last year. They arrived too late for me to sow them so I have kept them for this year: carrots, lettuce, beetroot, butternut squash, and tomatoes.

I got to wondering what the Dig In team would be sending out this year. Good old Google managed to tell me too: salad (I'm guessing a mixed leaf variety), carrot, courgette (no need to buy seeds!), basil, and French beans. Good choices, especially for children (via the Green Balloon Club).

My children loved growing courgettes last year, such fun going out, lifting the leaves, and finding and picking the fruits. Dig In are sure to source a spine-free variety which will save our hands! French beans grow so quickly and are so reliable that they are bound to be a hit. Carrots and lettuce are the same as last year but are wonderfully easy to grow, and there is such joy for children in pulling fresh carrots and eating them for dinner. I love basil so will definitely try it, although I'm not sure what my children will make of it! It does smell fabulous so should be a aromatic hit at least (if not culinary).

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  1. I still have my Dig In seeds too. Will be trying these in my home plot rather than the allotment. Also got some free organic seeds from an offer in the Lancashire Telegraph last year. I may be able to get away with not buying any seeds this year!!


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