Saturday, 16 January 2010

Breaking the rules

I'm one of those people who strives to conform to rules. I can't help myself, blame my parents! So what my husband and I did last night is a bit shocking for me.

We booked our family holiday DURING TERM-TIME.

It annoys me greatly that holiday firms ramp their prices up during school holidays. I understand the reasons, places are at a premium and so the price must be too. But what they are really doing is putting the average family off booking a holiday with them.

To cap it all, I will get the guilt trip at school on Monday when I have to go to the office and request the form that MUST go to the governers for permission to be absent. My son is 4 years old! He doesn't legally have to be at school yet!

After writing all this I now wish we'd booked the really cheap week in the middle of Summer term rather than the slightly less expensive week just before Easter. Live and learn.

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  1. You're absolutely right. It's not like you're taking him out the week before his GCSEs, he's 4 years old.

    We always took a few days off in the last week during Anna's early years. We don't get away with it now because she wants to take part in the activities/talent shows etc as she's got older.

    If we'd waited till the holidays started, it would have cost us a minimum of an extra £400. I wasn't going to deprive the family of a holiday for the sake of a few days, especially when they weren't doing that much of academic value. I always felt it was much better for her to be perched on a bar stool, five euro note in her hand, confidently ordering dos cafes con leche y una agua con gas por favor.


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