Saturday, 30 January 2010

New arrivals

A few week's ago, my son asked very politely if he could have a pet. This is the boy who is scared of dogs, apprehensive of anything small and furry, and reluctant to go near cats! We asked if he would like a fish..."Yes Please!!!"

We bought a small aquarium from Frog End Aquatics near Shepreth last week, which we had to set up and leave for 7 days for the water to cycle to remove the chlorine.

We looked in several pet shops at fish but decided to buy from Japanese Koi Co in Henlow because of the wide range available. There were so many tropical fish to choose from, so to save arguments we settled on a "dolly mixture" of male guppies.

So, after much patient preparation, I am happy to announce the arrival of Pete, Mr Fish, Dave, Teapot, Pie 1 and Pie 2, and Nemo.

Pete is the largest and is completely orange; Dave is silver with an orange tail; Pie 1 and Pie 2 are identical small orange fish with black tails; Nemo has a multi-striped tail; Mr Fish has a spotted tail; and Teapot has a single stripe on his tail.

They have settled in well after gradual acclimatisation (15 mins in the bag in the tank then another 30 mins in the bag with some tank water added). Pie 1 and Pie 2 seem very quiet and we're not sure whether they are dying or just getting used to the tank! Pie 1 looks suspiciously pregnant too...

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