Sunday, 17 January 2010

Looking forward to the little things

As a work-at-home mum, I have to tread a delicate line between making sure my children are well looked after and ensuring my work is completed on time for my clients. It can be tricky; minutes snatched during naps and at mealtimes are vital for work, and my evenings are usually spent tucked away in my office instead of relaxing with my husband.

This coming week marks a milestone for my family. With my 4-year-old son now at school all day, my 2-year-old daughter will start nursery school two mornings a week. The few hours she is away will mean so much for all of us.

At home, my daughter is learning new skills daily--counting to five, conversation, shapes and colours--all developments from this past week alone. For her, the opportunity to mix with other children for a few hours a week will bring inumerous benefits both socially and mentally. And my son will surely see a difference in how they play together. Her new nursery experience will be a wonderful time.

For me, the time will be well spent working during the day, freeing my evenings for relaxation and socialising with my husband. And I am SO looking forward to the little things: listening to music, making a phonecall in peace, being able to go to the toilet on my own!

Of course, I will miss her terribly, and I will probably be unable to work because I'll be thinking of her! C'est la vie.

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