Sunday, 7 February 2010

A trip to the fish shop

After a lovely morning alone with my daughter (at Sunday School), I was really pleased to be able to spend some time alone with my son, a very rare event at the moment. We decided to go to the local fish shop to buy some replacement fish for our tropical aquarium.

I told my son he could choose four new fish and he chose a rosy barb (new Mr Fish), neon tetra (new Nemo), gold danio (new Dave), and leopard danio (Duncan). I steered him towards the barbs and danios because I had read that they tolerate high nitrate levels well, after our problems last week.

While we were waiting to get our fish, we had a look at the marine fish. This type live in saltwater so we cannot have them in our aquarium (tropical fish live in freshwater). Here are some photos we took. (Apologies for blurry pics but I was using my iPhone and the tanks were watermarked!)

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