Saturday, 27 March 2010

Center Parcs -- Day 1

I can usually guarantee my daughter will wake us up at 6am, so I was slightly disappointed to be woken at 6.55am this morning, thereby completely missing qualifying for the Australian GP! Blimin' kids! Instead, we awoke to the gentle sound of birds tweeting. My son wasn't too keen on them, however: "Mummy, the birds here are noisy!"

We decided to swim today since the weather looked a bit miserable so we headed to Baby Dolphins at the Subtropical Swimming Paradise. This is a bit of a cheat's way to get into the pool earlier than everyone else. It starts an hour before the pool opens (9am) and you can swim in the wave pool once it finishes. The downside is you need to borrow a child under 3 (we already have one). We enjoyed the slides and outdoor pool; my son was brave (silly) enough to jump into the cold plunge pool (made him cry!).

After 3 hours we'd all gone a bit pruney so we went back to the villa for bacon sarnies and a nap (and Oz GP quali catch up). I then decided hubs hadn't worked hard enough this morning so we got the bikes out for a ride, which almost killed us after a lovely downhill section ended in a massive 1 in 8 climb. Should've checked the map first.

We got back to our villa and had a relax on the patio since the weather was so nice. The boy threw pine cones into the pond and little lady decided to run off to investigate our neighbours. After rescuing her we got the popcorn bucket out which kept them both quiet and tempted a couple of robins to visit. After retreating inside we saw more wildlife: rabbits, a woodpecker, chaffinch, blue tit, long tailed tit, and blackbirds, then the best sight ever, a pair of deer (doe & stag).

We ended the evening at Ortega with a simple dinner and holiday cocktail. Previous holiday cocktails have included black Russian, strawberry daiquiri and woo woo, but today I had a Cava Breeze (cava & vodka over ice with cranberry & lime). Yum. Tonight I shall be mainly trying to recreate it.

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