Sunday, 28 March 2010

Center Parcs -- Day 2

A very unusual start to today; the kids slept to 7am which translated to 8am because the clocks went forward an hour. This meant we missed the majority of the Oz GP, just managing to catch Vettel looking sad (his place in my F1 Badger Fantasy F1 team is shaky), the Hamilton-Webber crash, and Jenson winning! We couldn't believe we'd slept through such a great race.

Anyway, a quick breakfast and we were again at the Subtropical Swimming Paradise for a few hours swimming. There is something slightly odd yet refreshing and relaxing about swimming outside when it is 9 degrees but 31 degrees in the water. The steam rising is surreal, makes you think you're in a geyser or on a different planet! My daughter loves the outdoor pool, so we spent quite a bit of time here today. I also was brave and took my son on the slides (not a fan!).

To anyone going to Center Parcs soon, I have a recommendation for you: you must have lunch at Made (at Longleat it is next to the Parcmarket). We had fabulous homemade burgers there, perfectly cooked, and the kids' chicken nuggets were awesome (truely). By contrast with Hucks which is awful and should be avoided AT ALL COSTS!!!

After catching up on the GP (& booking dinners at Strada and Cafe Rouge for later in the week), we set out for the Jardin de Sports on our bikes. It was drizzling slightly but nothing too bad. The kids enjoyed soft play while me and Ric enjoyed puddings and free drinks (bartender error!).

On the return journey we managed to cycle up the Azalea Boardwalk; anyone who has been to Longleat should understand how difficult this is! We stopped at the adventure playground near the Grand Cafe and Pancake House for the kids to have a run around. They both loved the zipwire and the slides.

The rain has already started tonight and I think it is forecast to continue all day tomorrow. Since it is changeover day I expect we will be swimming most of the day since it will be quiet. We're booked into Cafe Rouge for dinner so that is something else to look forward to!

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