Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Center Parcs -- Days 3 & 4

Well, I forgot to blog about yesterday, but we didn't do much apart from swimming! Monday is changeover day at Center Parcs and we decided to have a lie in then swim all day to avoid the cars and packers/unpackers. We thought it would be fairly quiet, but not at all. It was packed, so obviously families leaving decided to swim before going home and many arrived early and came in. We stayed all day because the queues to get in and out of the pool were horrendous.

We booked dinner at Cafe Rouge for the evening because we'd had difficulties getting a table previous nights. Definitely worth booking in advance.

Today we had an itinerary booking: the Lost Bunny Hunt! Basically, a treasure trail on bikes. This wasn't until the afternoon, so in the morning we took the kids on the land train around the Park. It's an easy half hour and is a great way to look around the site and orientate yourself. During the ride we spotted several clues for the treasure trail, so we had an idea where we'd be going!

We disembarked at the Freewheelers Cycle Centre because we needed cable ties and thought they might have some. We were in luck, and thanks go to Ben who helped us out with freebies. We also bought CJ some ear muffs (he calls them ear moggs!), and they certainly came in handy today.

Here, we saw another clue for the treasure trail, and knowing that the previous clue was on the opposite side of the park (having seen it while on the land train), we took a photo to save us cycling too far later!

So, the treasure trail began at 2.20pm in pouring rain and windy conditions. We had already won before starting because most of the other families didn't arrive and the one that did decided to rebook because they didn't have their bikes with them!! Silly people :)

The trail took us all around Jardin Des Sports, up to Cascades and Nockatt Coppice (Firs area) and to the Village Square. We didn't need to go to Freewheelers again so we saved half an hour at least.

We beat most groups back (other teams had started at 5min intervals after 2pm) and received T-shirts each and badges.

Arriving back at the villa, we all collapsed in the bath and chilled out for the rest of the evening, listening to the wind and rain rather than being in it.

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