Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Gardening with a 2-year-old!

For the second day in a row the weather is warm and sunny. When I say "warm", I really mean "warmer than February" because we're nowhere near T-shirt weather yet! But it is bearable and dryish. So I went in the garden this morning with my daughter to have a look round and see what was growing.

I was really pleased to see my pots of crocus were in flower. They are a lovely purple variety that is slightly scented, so we enjoyed sniffed these together (more blowing than sniffing from my little girl!).

We potted up a lone seed potato that I didn't have room for in the ground a few weeks ago (still not blogged about planting my spuds!). It's nice and easy to sow or plant with a young child when the seeds are large because they can really see what they need to do and hopefully will learn lots.

After we'd planted the potato I decided to sow some early seeds to germinate inside. A quick look at the varied packets and I chose broad beans, peas, broccoli, sprouts, and sweet peppers.

It's a bit late for broad beans now but the "specimens" I have outside are blackened by the harsh winter and shooting again from their bases, so I thought I'd sow some more and try for a late harvest. The seeds are nice and big for my daughter to hold too, and she enjoyed pressing a seed into each little peat pot and sprinkling compost over the top.

We sowed three little pots of peas next, again these are nice big seeds for my daughter to pick out. She put two seeds into each pot, so we have six starting now. I'll sow some more next month for a succession of crops.

My daughter lost interest after the peas so she went to investigate her pedal tricycle and it's icy contents in the basket while I quickly sowed four pots of peppers, two pots of sprouts, and two of tenderstem broccoli. I'll bring these pots inside to begin germination and gradually acclimatise them to the outdoors as they grow.

After tidying up and a few circuits of the garden pushing a pedal bike, I weeded underneath my raspberry canes (no idea what to do with these, they look dead but then I can see buds, so I daren't cut them back...) and thinned my spring cabbages. I must remember to buy some netting to cover these so they don't get eaten like they did last year. I noticed that half my pots of strawberries are dead and the others are doing well, so I'm stumped as to why that happened. I think those that died are last year's plants, and it is the new offshoot plants that have survived.

I'll post some photos later.


  1. I bought a cloche kit from the garden centre, which consists of hoops and netting. we planted spring cabbage seedlings on our mini plot last weekend and covered them with the netting cloche. You can also get the cloches with fleece or polythene covers. dad thinks they are good value and better than him having to make a frame

  2. I've seen the cloches, will pick some up next time I am at the garden centre. They will be OK for cabbages but not ideal for sprouts and broccoli though. So dad is not off the hook yet!


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