Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The misadventures of Sog

I think I should rename my blog to this post's title, especially after my exploits this afternoon. All in the name of my son and his toy car.

At hometime my son raced out of school and loudly declared he didn't have his toy car anymore because Charlie told him to throw it over the fence. *sigh* "Which fence?" I asked. "The one behind school."

My son's school backs onto fields so access to "over the fence" was available, just a tad difficult with a pushchair. But, the sun was shining, it was warm, the kids were content, "let's go and look for it" I gamely said.

Some difficult manouvres later and we had negotiated the bramble-filled kissing gate with pushchair (complete with 2yo inside) and children unscathed. At this point I asked my son whereabouts he'd been in the playground when the car had disappeared. "I can't remember."

Oh my God. About 800m of boundary to search then.

But how hard could it be to walk along the fence and spot a shiny red car?

Very. Nettles, dry sticks and branches, trees, brambles. I had to abandon my children and continue alone for a bit. No sign of a car, but I did find a go go crazy bone or whatever they're called. "We'll have that!" Also, many many half eaten apples. This, mums, is where your children's healthy snacks go. To make an orchard.

On the return journey I got my foot stuck in a rabbit hole and stung all my fingers on a nettle. Starting to get annoyed. "Are you sure you can't remember which part of the fence?" Silence. "How can you not remember?!" Quietly, "Erm, maybe near the wildlife garden." Is that a question or an answer?!

Wildlife garden it is, let's go. At that moment, while deep in a tree and covered in branches, my aerobics instructor walking her dog showed up. "Oh, hi!" Yeah, this'll be fun to explain.

We eventually found a car. It wasn't his, but it was yellow, and "looked cool" so we decide to take it home anyway and give it a wash.

His go go crazy bone and his new car are now next to his bed, his new favourite toys. Was it worth it? Well, don't tell anyone, but I secretly had a lot of fun, despite my still stinging fingers and sore ankle.

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  1. If he ever gives you any grief about anything ever, show him that post as testament to how much you love him:-). Not that he could ever doubt it,of course:-).

  2. I'm sure I've had many a similar exploit when you and Helen were little.

    Remember last summer in the garden when everyone of the new set of tennis balls I'd bought for Anna and William had gone missing. Spent ages trying to find them with William, only to realise that he knew where they were because he and Anna had hidden them deliberately.


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