Monday, 8 March 2010

Potatoes in, strawberries out?

Back in February, we had one fine day out of the many wet, windy, and snowy ones. On this day I decided I had to plant my seed potatoes else they wouldn't grow and be ready to harvest in June, when I need the bed for beans and courgettes.

The bed I'd set aside for potatoes was just over a metre square. It used to be home to my kids' sandpit, but since they hardly used it last year, and the fact it attracted ants and cats (despite being covered), I decided it was time it went. I dug the ground over well and removed large stones. The area had previously been dug over to quite a depth (about a foot) so it was fairly easy to do.

Potatoes need to be planted 6 inch deep and 12 inch apart. I prepared a deep 'cross' trench and planted 5 seeds. I then dug 4 holes on the diagonals and put a seed in each. That left 1 seed, which I saved and put in a deep pot to see how it would do. I finally covered the area in black plastic to protect from frost (we actually had snow 3 days later!).

After finishing the potatoes I had a quick wander around the garden, photos of which can be seen in my next blog post. I noticed that some of my strawberry plants have died. It seems odd that a whole pot can die but it's neighbour is OK. Still, I have a lot of plants from which I will get lots of fruit this year (which my daughter will no doubt eat before I have chance to pick them!).

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  1. You don't have ants living in the strawberry pot do you, hence the death of just that pot? We had an ants nest in a pot two or three years ago, and we only noticed when the contents died and I emptied it out.
    We keep on top of our ant problem now, so they don't seem to invade anymore.


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