Monday, 8 March 2010

Spring is springing

I've promised in several previous blog posts to upload photos of my Spring garden, so here they are.

It's always lovely to spot the green shoots of early bulbs poking through the ground. Here is one of three purple hyacinths that I bought myself last year in a pot and replanted once it had finished flowering.

These are my gorgeous daffodils just coming up, a double cream variety the name of which I cannot remember (but they were bought from Hitchin market!). Will be wonderful to see in flower later in the year.

This is a lovely bronze Carex, which I have just given a haircut to. Behind is a golden Lonicera shrub, which is doing a great job of brightening up my winter and spring garden.

The lovely dry flowerheads of Astilbe are a reminder of what's to come (and where not to dig!).

Finally, the beautiful red foliage of Leucothoe 'Scarletta' (thanks to my mum for reminding me what it is called!). It really cheers me up to glance at this specimen from the kitchen window.

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