Sunday, 25 April 2010

BTCC at Rockingham

Thanks to Luke Pollard (aka @motorsportprint), who won tickets for the Rockingham round of the British Touring Car Championship from HiQ Fastfit and GAVE them to me (what a star!), I was able to attend my very first motorsport event today.

Our day started early: we set off at 7.30am, aiming to arrive about 9, but made such good time we arrived at 8.30. Since the gates didn't open for another 30mins and it was pouring with rain, this was not a great start! Anyway, waterproofs on, we joined the queue to get in. Thanks to a very efficient lady in the ticket collection office, I was able to pick up child passes without joining the masses in the ticket line.

First stop was the Welcome Centre, where we met Luke to say thanks and @BTCCCrazy (who's name I do not know but he was simply lovely ;) He kindly and unexpectedly gave me a free Tweet-up T-shirt). We also met @rockinghamuk who offered tea and coffee and was very helpful.

The kids (and dad) had a go on the simulators and we had a look at the slot car racing in the next room.

We took our seats in the stands just before 10; first race was the Ginetta G50s followed by Formula Renault.

We were so cold sat in the stands so Ric ran back to the car to collect anything vaguely warm! He made record time considering we were parked in Itchy (Simpsons ref, sorry!).

When the touring cars exited the pits for their warm up laps I was so excited I was like a small child! The kids perked up too, possibly because they recognised the cars "off the telly".

At lunchtime we returned to the welcome centre to meet more fellow tweeters, and I immediately recognised @sarahgb (I think we both said "Sarah?!" at the same time LOL). @petronella (Kate) produced a birthday cupcake for me, which Nat demolished with chocolatey results. Thanks Kate, such a lovely gesture. I also met @sarahanngreen and @kayels, so lovely to meet online friends in the flesh, although a bit bizarre too! Luke gave the kids a puzzle to do, a racing car to assemble. It certainly went down well and CJ actually clutched his car for the rest of the day. Thanks Luke (again!).

We had a quick walk round the stands an picked up hats for the kids.

We watched the Porsche Carrera cup race from the grass bank in front of the start/finish line, then returned to the stands for the 2nd BTCC race. This was a fab race, with Plato winning (although it was close at the end) and Onslow-Cole and Chilton both pushing hard to overtake. We also cheered Jordan and Hamilton loudly (who I follow on Twitter ;)).

After the race we decided to leave, otherwise the kids would've been up late. It was a shame to miss the last race but I shall enjoy watching it tonight :) And it will be all the more exciting since "I was there!".

Now, where's the car?

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  1. It was lovely to meet you today! (I'm only sorry you didn't get more of your cupcake to yourself, next time I shall wait until they're looking the other way!)


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