Thursday, 1 April 2010

The end is nigh

So, our holiday draws to a close, and we've had a great time. We've swum nearly everyday, been cycling, had lovely meals out, won the Lost Bunny Hunt! But most importantly, had fun together as a family. The weather has been lousy though, rain, sleet, and snow, with a dash of sun to fool us into thinking summer is on it's way.

We've seen fantastic wildlife close up: deer, rabbits, squirrels, many wild birds (including a woodpecker and an as-yet unidentified tit or wagtail). My son has grown in confidence on his bike and can probably take his stablisers off when we get home. My daughter no longer needs armbands to swim, and can easily count to three and request "one more" time! Unfortunately, I have probably put on several pounds in weight :( Too many nice dinners and not quite enough strenuous exercise.

So home beckons. I am wondering if the fish survived the week on the holiday food pack we left in the tank. I am thinking about my plans for Easter: we're looking after a friend's hamster for a week, I have seeds to sow in the garden, and I am determined to potty train my daughter!!!

One more evening. How many beers do we have left?! SIX!! Bad planning. Pass one this way then...

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  1. Sounds like you had a terrific week. Exactly what you needed. Have fun with the potty training. My daughter wasn't ready until she was almost 3, but once she was it all happened very quickly and without trauma.

  2. Yes, a terrific week! Good to be home though :) And the fish survived!
    I won't get bogged down with the potty training; my son was ready aged 2 and took less than a week. Natalie is a bit older now but is showing good signs, ie, removing her own nappy and telling us when she's wet. But we won't rush her :)


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