Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Nature walk

The estate we live on backs onto the River Ivel, and in previous years we have seen ducks, swans, and geese. We've not been down for about a year now; last year my son had an "incident" with a swan so we stayed away until he had forgotten about it.

Now that the sun is shining there is a real feel of Summer, so we decided to head down to the river (with a slice of bread each) to see if any ducks were about. There were quite a few pairs, but only one stayed for a photo.

We continued along the path towards the old Baldock Road bridge. A few years ago there was a family of swans at this end of the river, but they weren't here today. However, we could see in the distance a swan on the developing nature reserve (Mill Meadows).

We continued our walk along the old Baldock Road. This used to be the main road to Stotfold from the A1.

It's amazing how quickly nature returns to an area. To the left of the old road is the Mill Meadows nature reserve, and to the right is the footpath to Radwell.

This is such a lovely photo! The sun was definitely in the right place. It's hard to describe how odd this area is: just a few metres further on and the traffic on the A507 is blasting past, yet birds and wildlife are in abundance.

On our way home now; to the right you can just make out the houses of the new estate, where we live. We are so very lucky to live here, so close to fields and wildlife yet within easy reach of London and the A1 corridor.

My little girl discovered the joy of teasels on the way home! So sticky, we all had fun pulling these off her coat.

What a lovely surprise! As we neared home we saw a mother duck and her ducklings.

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