Saturday, 3 April 2010

To be or not to be (a chore)

I have just spent an enjoyable half an hour in the garden mowing the lawn (first cut of the year!). I thought I had the easy job: my husband hates mowing the lawn but I love the smell of freshly cut grass and the time spent allows me to think about garden jobs that need doing.

So, while I was outside having fun, I was feeling a little sorry for my husband, as he shouted out of the window that he was tidying the lounge. Our son had strewn his Lego all over the floor and it was a complete tip. It always takes me at least half an hour to sort through it all into the correct box. I was not looking forward to tackling the mess and I'd been avoiding it for most of the day. However, I soon realised he'd probably be having a great time playing with the Lego, probably building some enormous car while tidying. And I wasn't far wrong. Slight smug smile on his face as he showed me the tidy floor and the neatly stacked boxes.

I just wish he could enjoy cleaning the toilet or hoovering the stairs as much.

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