Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Social networking and privacy

I've just been watching the news piece about Facebook and its privacy settings. I recently deleted my Facebook account because I was fed up of random past contacts wanting to be my "friend". When I had my account I was fairly clued up about privacy and had all my settings as "only me" or "friends". But what about my friends? Were they as careful?

The biggest problem with Facebook's privacy settings is that they're split into so many categories. And some settings are hidden away or obscured. For example, I wanted to delete my account but I ended up only deactivating it. I kept getting emails from "Superpoke" and came to realise my account was still active. I eventually read a blog post explaining where the "delete account" link was. If I ever find it again I shall post it here :)

If you want to see how much information is gathered about yourself online, just Google your name, or put it into The third Google result shows how unaware some people are about Facebook privacy.

At least the only Google results to "the real me" are my blog (where I write to promote myself as a writer!), Twitter (where my tweets are protected), and stuff wot I wrote years ago (happy to share that too).

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  1. Thanks for that 123people link - thankfully I've used aliases for most of my time on the internet and it seems I'm barely known. Which is nice.

    Also, this is a good widget for checking your Facebook settings:


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