Sunday, 13 June 2010

Bacon wrapped around a sausage with a side of gammon

This morning we were at Farrowby free range farm (pigs & turkeys) at Hinxworth (off the A1 southbound between Biggleswade & Stotfold).

We took apples and pears to feed to the pigs. They were very pleased to see us and our offerings.

Rather embarrassed trying to explain this to my son:

"Mummy, that pig is sitting on the other pig!"

They also have horses.

"You looking at me? No really, are you?"

Currently enjoying lunch in the cafe and play area. We are surrounded by chickens and a hungry cat is eyeing up my son's chicken nuggets!

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  1. Do you happen to know why that horse is covered up like that? Never seen anything like it!

  2. No, but it had a sore nose so it's possibly a medical intervention to cover sores or prevent further damage.


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