Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Potty training

As soon as a baby is born their life is broken down into little development steps and stages. Their first smile, holding their head up, sitting up, crawling, walking, the first black eye (yes, we all remember don't we?!).

We've just embarked on the next stage with our 2-year-old daughter: potty training. It's such a big step, more like a leap over a canyon. We get it wrong, we go back to the beginning (although not by air ambulance hopefully).

Various websites are available dispensing advice:
Babycentre has a checklist of signs to indicate when your child might be ready.
Huggies naturally suggest we all use Pull-Ups, which are good for long journeys and night time, but you can't beat new underwear to encourage your child! I like the myths page though.
You can't beat the good-old BBC for down-to-earth advice.

I decided to potty train my son just before his 2nd birthday, when he started pulling his nappy down to wee and was wetting his clothes and bedding. I decided if he was getting wet in a nappy he might as well get wet in underpants. He had the hang of the potty within 2 days, so it was definitely the right time for him.

With my daughter she definitely was not ready to train at age 2, so we've been waiting patiently for the first signs of interest. This past weekend we decided to begin (she is now 2 and a half years old), for several reasons: she is interested when her brother or I use the toilet, she wanted pretty knickers to wear, and every night after we put her to bed she would get up and ask for the potty. In the latter case, she was always bluffing (prolonging bedtime!), but we thought we'd call her bluff!

On Saturday we bought her pretty Lola knickers, we have 10 pairs in total to begin with. We arranged our assortment of potties around the house (we have a 3-storey house!) and made sure every toilet had a little seat next to it.

On Sunday, we set off for church armed with portable potty, two sets of spare clothes, nappy bags, wipes, pull ups, & kitchen roll (and a cuddly toy!). She didn't need to go for the whole hour. However, during the rest of the day she had several wet accidents, but they help to create awareness so we were reassuring, put her straight on the potty, and made a fuss of how good she was.

Monday was the first big test because I was home alone with her! She only had one accident early in the morning, and then managed to communicate her needs by bouncing around shouting "toilet" the rest of the day! She tends to say "finished" just before she begins weeing, so after getting rather wet once I now know to keep her on a bit longer!

Tuesday (today), we are into no 2 training, since she has been holding back a bit I think. She has been sat on the potty for about 30mins now after dirtying two pairs of knickers and a pull up.

What do other mums do at nap times? Do you use pull ups or a nappy? Do you always use knickers/underpants during the day or do you use a mix of pull ups too (eg, if you know they need a poo?)? I never needed to use pull ups with my son, except when he was at nursery (because they were useless at helping him), but my daughter is very different to him!


  1. Scarlett wears a nappy during her nap and at night but a week into PT'ing and so far she has only wet one nap time nappy - the rest inc night have all been dry - so we may ditch those once i feel she is properly trained.

    As for day, i was doing a mix, nappy if out for a long time or at family as i found when she was distracted she forgot - but in last few days i've been reminding her and trying her on the potty after a while, even if she doesnt say she needs it. This way she gets to wear her knickers but doesnt have any accidents.

    Remember your mum saying 'just have a try' lol - it will be a new saying for us the next few years im sure!

    Scarlett hasnt grasped the idea of going for a poo on the potty though yet. We've had only one in the potty, the others have been in her knickers or one was in her nappy after her nap...

    I think it just takes time, expect lots of accidents and dont worry about it. I encourage her to poo on the potty but sometimes she doesnt poo at all in a day and def isnt a creature of habit i.e at same time everyday so just try and watch for signs lol.

  2. Helen Harrison23 June 2010 at 19:19

    William wore pull ups for naps and at bedtime. In fact, he's only just out of them!
    You will have accidents, but I found that helps to learn. They don't like being wet!

  3. Thanks for the comments. I've used pull ups all day today because Nat was trying to poo and I thought it would give her confidence. Also, she was at nursery this morning. She's doing well, she didn't wet her pull ups at all but we had a no. 2 accident in the school playground!
    Tomorrow I am home all day so let's see how we get on with knickers again.
    She still screams while weeing, which I hope is temporary.


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