Monday, 5 July 2010


In 3 days' time my husband and I shall be packing our tent and sleeping bags and setting off for Silverstone for the British Grand Prix! We are both really excited, we've never been to watch an F1 race in the flesh before!

This year has been one of new motorsport experiences, for me at least. I went to watch BTCC at Rockingham in April, so I have some idea of the noise and smell of racing and the festival atmosphere that goes with it. But I can well imagine Silverstone is going to be something else, far bigger, noisier, and extravagant!

We are really lucky that my husband's parents are coming to stay at our house for the 3 days we're away, to look after our children. We couldn't afford to buy children's tickets (they are the same price as adult tickets!) Hopefully they will enjoy watching the race at home, trying to spot us in the crowd, and we'll bring them something 'wicked' back with us (to quote my son!)

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  1. Happy to hear you & your husband get to go this year! I can only imagine how excited you must be :) I have never been to an F1 race before so that still remains on my 'To Do' list. Maybe someday... Have a great time!!


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