Friday, 23 July 2010

Out with the old...

My parents are staying with us at the moment, and it's lovely to be able to spend time in the garden with them. They've been great with the kids, dad's been playing cricket with my son and mum has looked after my daughter. The free babysitting has enabled me to give the garden a once over, cutting back dead growth, weeding, and planting some new purchases.

Today, I gave the veg plot a makeover. The peas and broad beans were at the end of their life, so I cut them all back to the ground (don't remove the roots yet because they will continue to fix nitrogen in the soil to make nitrates). Some of the onion stalks had dried and folded over, so I lifted them and left them to dry (you can leave them on the soil but I use my kids' trampoline!). Finally, I staked my broccoli plants to lift them off the ground, where they were looking a bit sad.

I then got my seed box out to see what I could sow to replace the crops I'd removed. I sowed some carrots (Nigel F1), salad leaves, beetroot (Boltardy), French beans, and Swiss chard, most of which I had said I wouldn't sow this year! I thought I might as well sow something, and since I am being much better at watering my beds this year, perhaps they will do OK. I am going to buy some swede and spring onion seeds tomorrow to fill in other gaps.

After sorting out the veg plot, I looked at my fruit bed. I cut back the raspberry canes that had fruited this year and were dying. New canes are already coming through for next year, and these I tied to bamboo canes for support. I had earlier bought a new rhubarb plant for next year (Fenton, a late variety) so I planted this near the raspberries.

In the new front garden, I planted a few perennials I'd picked up at Langdon Garden Centre earlier in the day: a yellow Geum, red Gaillardia, and two blue grasses (Festucas) my mum brought with her.

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  1. Glad to hear you have been able to spend some quality time with your parents. I would love to see some pictures from your garden at some point :-)

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