Friday, 23 July 2010

Sog's over-planned camping list

My husband always rolls his eyes when he sees me sat down with a notepad because I am inevitably making another list. He hates planning things, likes to go with the flow. But if I don't make a list I am lost! And WILL forget something!

With a camping trip approaching, I thought I would post my over-planned camping list; it gets quite detailed but it shows---fellow campers and those thinking about camping---the sort of junk we take with us and simply can't do without! I've put links to most things we've bought; outlets we use the most are Cross Camping and Leisure (aka,, Halfords & Argos. Small accessories can be bought cheaply at Homebase, Tesco, Home Bargains & Wilkos.


  • Tent (we have a Vango Colorado 800 DLX)
  • Footprint groundsheet (helps with pitching, protects bottom of tent from stones, and affords extra security from damp)
  • Carpet (yes really! I was dubious but they just add a bit of warmth and make the tent feel so much more comfortable)
  • Double airbed for us and [EDIT] compressor to inflate it
  • Camping beds for kids
  • [EDIT] Pillows
  • Sleeping bags (proper professional bags, really make a difference)
  • Extra blankets (because it can get cold, and no one wants to be miserable)
  • Electric hookup (EHU), extension cable, and 4-gang extension (I usually forget the extensions!)
  • Picnic table and chairs
  • Lantern and electric light (so we can see...)
  • iPhones, iPads, & chargers (so we can blog and tweet!)
  • iPhone speakers
Cooking equipment
  • George Foreman grill and portable gas stoves
  • 12V coolbox and mains power adapter (so we can use it as a fridge)
  • Folding table to put cooking equipment on
  • [EDIT] Camp kitchen (new purchase!)
  • Water carrier
  • Kettle (we have a whistling kettle and an electric one)
  • Electric toaster (you can buy camping toasters but we always get EHU so we take a cheap toaster)
  • Cutlery, plates, mugs, pans, frying pan, chopping board, knife, utensils
  • Plastic box to wash up in
  • [EDIT] Always at the last minute I remember to pack condiments, ketchup, tea & coffee!
  • Windbreak
  • Outdoor fairy lights
  • Citronella candles
  • Electric fan heater (for when you're camping in Norfolk in May)
  • Deckchairs (slight dig at hubs here, because I always forget the deckchairs...)
  • Picnic blanket
  • [EDIT]Portable potty (a good idea with young children who might not make a long walk across a field in the middle of the night)
We've also just bought a generator, mainly because we recently camped at Silverstone and had no EHU, and we weren't happy! It's not really an essential because we probably won't ever need it, but if we do, it'll be essential :s

And we do take clothes, I didn't forget those...


  1. You forgot potty!

  2. Sarah, I hope you don't mind but I'm making a confession here on your blog.

    I just realised I have a thing about camping lists. I've bookmarked and downloaded far too many camp lists from people all over the world.

    I also keep my own camp / hike list in spreadsheet format that lists numerous items. Each time I go camping I create a new column on the spreadsheet and flag the items I want to take on that camp then filter to only show the flagged items. I then print the list and check off each item as I select it or pack it in the vehicle.

    I find that this approach pretty much ensures I don't forget anything. I was a Scout Leader some years ago and invariably one of the Scouts would leave something important at home like their sleeping bag, water bottle, food, clothes or tent poles when we were on a camp or hike.

    So, why do I have a thing about camp lists? I guess it's interesting to see what other people take camping. In your case, I've found a couple of interesting items that I don't think I've seen before - carpet and the George Foreman Grill. Okay, and maybe the electric toaster.

    We usually camp in places that don't have electricity so that accounts for the grill and toaster not being on my list. I can also see how the carpet would be a comfortable piece of kit too.

    I like wandering around camp grounds and chating with other campers to see what they take camping and I'll often pick up a good tip or learn something new. The great thing is, there is no one right way to camp and no one right set of equipment to take camping. It is all about personal preference and what makes you comfortable when camping.

    Thanks for posting your list. I'll get around to posting my camp spreadsheet sometime soon.

    Allan McDonald @

  3. Hi Allan
    Thanks for your comment.
    A friend who camps a lot recommended we get a George Foreman grill to cook on if we were always going to have EHU. It's proved a superb buy so far.
    My sister insisted we buy small gas stoves "so we can cook beans"! They are pretty useful though. It was also her idea to get the carpet for the tent.

    Helen, the potty! Of course ;) Although, the kids quite like walking across a field in the middle of the night for a wee...

    I forgot a few bits, which I will edit in.

  4. Excellent list, thanks. Although now having fairy-light related flap.

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