Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wet weather camping

When we planned our summer camping trips earlier this year, we had a few criteria in mind: the campsites had to have electric hookup, free showers, and a playground; and they had to be located somewhere we'd not been before. We didn't think about the weather, mainly because our trip in May had been roasting hot, and we were going in August, and it's always sunny in August!

Two trips down already this summer, the rain a highlight of both, so at the beginning of this week I was slightly obsessed with the weather forecast. I must have checked every weather website I could find. They all said the same: storms and rain forecast for Wednesday in SW England, right where and when we were going. Why would we put ourselves through another rainy holiday?

The truth is, we love our tent, we love camping, and we love seeing new places. The kids are getting a holiday, making new friends, and having fun. Me and hubs are enjoying no stress and the relaxing atmosphere that you only seem to get on a campsite.

And electric hookup affords home luxuries that make a rainy trip more bearable. A fan heater keeps us warm during cold nights and dries out wet clothes. The good old George Foreman grill cooks everything we need without us having to go outside. And for this trip, the TV, Wii, & Apple TV will keep us entertained during wet nights! I'm not kidding.

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