Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Smiles are contagious. You just have to see someone smiling or laughing and before you know it, so are you.

This week's Gallery topic is A Smile.

I just love seeing my kids smile. The obvious reason is, I know they are happy. When they smile, you can see mischief, enjoyment, laughter, fun, it makes my heart swell with love and pride.

I've chosen two photos this week. The first is of my daughter. The photo was taken during our holiday to Florida last year. We were visiting Epcot at Disneyland during the Annual Flower and Garden Festival. The children found the Tinkerbell playground garden, with slides, climbing frames, and lots of fairies hidden about. My little girl loved the garden so much, her face was full of joy, and I snapped this photo as she was about to come down the slide.

My second photo is one I posted earlier this month in my post dedicated to my parents for their Ruby wedding celebration. It is a photo full of cheeky smiles, mischievous monkeys, children told to sit still "for just 1 minute so Nana can get a nice photo"! Can you tell they are all shouting "Cheeeeese!"?

The topic of this week's Gallery was inspired by the Mona Lisa Million Project, an idea that aims to raise money for charity and promote your website at the same time.


  1. They're both lovely photos.

  2. Thanks for your comment Jo, I think so too :)


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