Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Dedicated to my parents

On September 2nd 2010 my parents celebrate 40 years of marriage. Their ruby anniversary.

I remember their 25th vividly because I was 18 years old and therefore old enough legally to enjoy a drink with them at the pub. But 40 years deserves a massive "WOW".

It's not been easy for them, I mean, they had twin girls for a start.

But then, we produced four lovely grandchildren, so that was worth waiting for surely?

So to them I say "cheers" and "congratulations". And "here are some photos of them" ;)


  1. Many congratulations to your parents! It's clear how good they have been to you and your sister and how much you love them.

  2. I can't spell!!

    As I was saying, "FAB!"
    I have a tear in my eye...

  3. A looks just like you and me!

  4. Sniff, sniff (tears rolling down cheeks!)

    Thank you Sarah

  5. Wow.. Congratulations to your parents! Those wedding photos are fab.. Your Mother looked gorgeous! :)


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