Monday, 20 September 2010

Football club - so it begins

When my son brought home from school a leaflet for a lunchtime football club I didn't for 1 minute consider sending him. So many reasons why:

1) I just didn't think he'd want to go. We've been to a Saturday morning club before and he refused to join in.

2) He cries when we have a kick-about outside because nobody let's him have the ball!

3) He would probably forget to go.

For all those reasons and more I didn't fill the form in. So I was surprised on Monday morning to find out my son took himself off to football club on Friday lunchtime! Apparently, "he had a great time". (That explains why he came home covered in grass-stains.)

Embarrassed at being told "if he wants to go you'll have to pay" I took myself off to the school office for the forms. Valuable lesson learnt. If I think he won't like something, he'll love it!

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  1. Ha ha, that'll teach you for second guessing what he'll enjoy and what he won't. My daughter is choosing her options this year, it seems that woodwork is on the adgenda, not something I'd have thought she'd enjoy.


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