Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Highlights from my blogroll

I've spent quite some time this evening adding blogs of friends and people I follow on Twitter (the ones I can remember) to my blogroll, syncing them with my Google Reader list, and then reading all the latest posts. I got completely sidetracked by my friend Jo's blog Fantails and Fibrolite, so I thought I would recommend it here to my followers.

If you are interested in renovations, self-sufficiency, or the good life in New Zealand, this blog fits this bill completely. I loved reading about Jo's grapefruit harvest, admiring the snowdrop photo (taken in August!), and learning about her solar panel options (which we are also thinking about).

Other highlights from my list for me include the beautiful photography at Fennel and Fern, a muddy camping trip from Emma and family, Sarah's battles with her cats, and work in progress at Ian's allotment.


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