Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Making science exciting for children

I was really excited on Saturday to see a science demonstration aimed at kids in Blackpool town centre (I am excited by some strange things). This is the sort of event my husband and his parents would usually walk past but I saw it and I wanted to know what was going on!

The young women at the stand were representing the Manchester Science Festival, and they were all fantastic. The first girl immediately had my kids engrossed by "thunder-makers", hollow tubes with a metal string on the end that cause vibrations.

I hear thunder, I hear thunder
My daughter then went off to make her own rocket, which was blasted into the sky by compressed air.

I really wanted to try balancing a fork on my nose, which I'd seen one of the girls doing earlier, but I think my son got more enjoyment out of it!

So cool!

Not content with these experiments, we moved onto making massive bubbles (which I think I might have hogged a bit), then the part that made me go "Wow" and the kids go "Cool", a sharp stick through a balloon. I'm not a physics person so I was impressed, but hubs was stood there going on about how easy it was... (tut).

My new party trick
We can all now put a stick through a balloon, one day I might show you.

The Manchester Science Festival runs over half-term (October 23 to 31). Check out their website for loads of information and ideas, or follow them on Twitter.


  1. Bet those ladies were thrilled to bits at CJ and Nats attention!

  2. It's so easy to make science fun for kids yet I never remember it being fun when I was at school. My kids love anything like this.

  3. Such a fab idea, my little man would love something like this, wish they did something like this a little closer to Poshville.

  4. Thanks for the blog - we all had a great day and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    If anyone wants to catch us doing science busking in the run up to the festival we'll be announcing it on Twitter ( and our website.

    There are also methods and explanations for busking on our website, under the 'interactive' section, if you want to try these at home!


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