Thursday, 28 October 2010

The car in front is a Toyota

Imagine the scene. A man has to drive his wife to the train station before he carries on to work. He's not late, but he is impatient to get her dropped off and get on his way. His route takes him down a country B road, past a school, but it's really early in the morning, there are no children about. He drives along, oblivious to his speed.

He starts to quickly catch the car in front. It's a woman driving, really slowly, she probably can't see over the steering wheel. Oh look, she's got glasses on, probably can't see the road. He can't overtake her. "I know, I'll drive really close to her, make her hurry up a bit."

The bespectacled woman looks in her rear-view mirror. She comments to her husband, who she's also driving to the station: "There's some bloke driving really close behind me, he looks mad!"She checks the speedometer. "Well, I'm doing 33 mph; I'm not going any faster, I'm in a 30 zone. He can just wait".

Man behind is really cross now. Woman is laughing "He's really cross! I'm going to annoy him and drive perfectly all the way to the station".

Which I did.

I didn't realise he was also going to the station though. I actually start to get worried when he followed me into the station car park. At one point I even told my husband he might have to fight for my honour.

My husband laughed: "He just gave you a really dirty look as he drove away".

Perfect. Mission to annoy accomplished.

The morals

1) Don't speed, especially in a school zone. Have you heard of holiday clubs?
2) Don't drive close to my tail. I will antagonise you until you crack.

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  1. I think you did really well, I would have slowed down to 20, and I do, regularly when that happens.


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