Thursday, 21 October 2010

"I do it all myself"

There's a theme prevalent in our house at the moment. My 2-year-old daughter has developed an independent streak.

When she goes for a wee, I offer to undress her ("no mummy!"), put her on the toilet ("I do it!"), or wipe her ("No! I do it all myself"). OK, suit yourself!

Choosing clothes to wear, combing her hair, brushing her teeth. All jobs she'd rather do herself. And I love to encourage her because, in the end, that's how she'll learn. But part of me feels sad to be losing my baby, she's growing up so quickly.

There are other times I'd rather she slowed down and let me help her, and not for selfish reasons. Clearing away the dinner plates, putting rubbish in the bin, cleaning and tidying the house, she loves to help me with all these chores (mostly without being told), but she ends up making more work!

And there is nothing worse than being in a rush for the school run and having to wait for her to attempt to put her shoes on before she pleads "mummy, you do it". Actually, there's nothing better than that.

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