Sunday, 3 October 2010

Lamb in a Chicken Brick

I tweeted earlier this week about the gift my husband brought home from work, a Chicken Brick. For all those who immediately asked what on earth it was, it's a terracotta pot to cook meat joints in.

I said I would let my Twitter followers know how I got on on Sunday. Sadly, I bought a lamb joint before I knew about the brick, so I've had to improvise.

First, the brick needs to be soaked for at least 10 mins to avoid cracking the pot. I soaked it for 30 mins since it's the first time I'm using it, and I gave it a scrub with a brush (don't use detergent on it).

While the brick was soaking I searched for a suitable recipe and found one for lamb braised with vegetables ( This suits me best because the joint I have only weighs 600g and it ideally needs to be 1.5kg (the brick needs to be full).

After 30 mins I removed the two halves of the brick from the water and rubbed the inside of both with a cut clove of garlic. This should improve the flavour. I placed chopped carrots, swede, and celery in the base of the brick together with 300ml of veg stock and popped the lamb on top. The lamb was rubbed with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. Two sprigs of rosemary went on top to be showy and the prep is done.

Put the top on the brick and place in a COLD oven set to 250 degrees C (500F, gas mark 9). A 1.5kg joint should take 1hr30 so I'll check the lamb after 1hr.

We are at 30 mins to go now, I'm starting to smell the lamb cooking. Yum.

An hour is up and I checked the lamb.

The lamb is just cooked, but it's not as brown as I like, so it's back in the hot oven in a dish for 10 mins. I think I used too much stock (although the veg is cooked beautifully).

I don't think the lamb joint I had was very suitable, a half leg would be better. But a CHICKEN would be even better LOL. So next week I shall buy a 1.5kg chicken to test it properly!

The ultimate test is taste, and as my daughter accurately exclaimed, "Nom nom nom".

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  1. Is it possible to take the lid off to brown it?
    That's a massive meal!

  2. I've never heard of a chicken brick before. It reminds me of a slow cooker, cooking the veggies in with the meat.

  3. Let me know how you get on with the chicken as I might just be adding this to my Christmas list...

  4. I have never heard or seen that thing before! Your dinner looks yummy though :) can I come over next time you cook your chicken? Please?? x


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