Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Vegetable planning, with a Victoriana twist!

As November begins, my garden is starting to look a little sad. The veg border is almost empty, with the exception of a couple of rows of leeks and spring onions, a few carrots, and some very sad-looking calabrese plants. The patio has been cleared of the numerous pots containing tomatoes, peppers, and courgettes (the kids can play on their bikes again!). It's that time of year when I drag all my books off the shelf, search the shed for old seed packets, and start to plan what I want to plant next year.

Thanks to Fennel and Fern, I have been given the opportunity to review £50 of products from Victoriana Nursery next year. It's an excellent chance for me and my family to buy lots of fabulous products we wouldn't usually look twice at, test them out, and write about the experience here. And you all know, I do love to write about our family experiences!

The problem I'm having at the moment is deciding what to buy. I really should ignore fanciful delights such as the Tamarillo Tree Tomato, which grows to 8ft high and will fill a large proportion of my garden, or Asparagus plants, which I won't be able to harvest for at least 2 years. But I'm very tempted to try Strawbini seeds (strawberry spinach). Is it a vegetable, is it a fruit? Who knows?! And I'm not sure I can resist sneaking the bizarre Tomtatoes (tomatoes and potatoes from the same plant) onto my list, for simple curiosity value!

Keep checking my blog over the next year to find out which products I ordered, how they grew, and what we thought of the outcomes.


  1. Wow, those sound really funky! Looking forward to reading more about them once you get them planted :)

  2. Hi Sarah.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    Could try sweet potatoes? We grew some in pots this year, and got a good few of decent size.

    Tasty, and a bit different.


  3. I just planted asparagus this year and I am hoping to get some next year. Yummy can't wait! i got my crowns from in case you need more


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