Thursday, 20 January 2011

Lego storage solutions

Another year has gone by and my son has acquired yet more boxes of Lego! From a basic Lego City tractor, to large boxes of Lego Star Wars to build an ARC-170 Starfighter™, pirate Lego play sets, and Ben 10 figures, we have so much lying around.
Looks great, but it's now in hundreds of pieces

Every set has been built, taken to pieces, rebuilt slightly differently, and then bunged unsorted into an old sweet tin. And modern bricks are no longer square or roof-shaped (like they were when I was 8!); this hodgepodge contains special shaped pieces solely for building Star Wars fighters. We currently have nine tins of unsorted Lego. To a freaky organised person such as myself, this situation must be remedied, AT ONCE!

Actually, that's 12 tins! Here, we are mid-sorting: AGAIN!

I saw on Twitter last week that someone had blogged a "solution for Lego storage". But when I saw the solution I was sorely disappointed. No way would it hold all our Lego! Although I liked the compartment idea.

What I need is a solution that keeps big bricks, roof pieces, wheels, people etc separate, and all in one place. I don't want dozens of Celebrations tins all over the place.

My husband thought these Ikea Trofast units might be useful, but they don't have compartments inside. (We have these units in similar combinations for other toys, and they are great.)
A possible solution
I Googled "Lego storage" to get some ideas. How cool are these Lego storage bricks, available to buy on Amazon?! I'm just not sure I could cope with giant Lego bricks as well as small ones!
Image taken from

There are a multitude of ideas on Google images, including component boxes, the sort of thing my dad has in his workroom for resistors and soldering wire! This site has lots of different ideas, one of which necessitates personalised labels for drawers (slightly over-organised even for me!)

Component boxes could be the solution.
Image taken from

However, there is one good thing I've learnt from Google: we do not have an excessive amount of Lego!

Do you have a solution for storing Lego or other toys? I would love suggestions, practical and unusual!


  1. Not sure if this would be any use to you, but 'Really Useful Boxes' are good for storage. They come in different sizes and will stack. I get them from Staples and use for various things, like storing craft items, seed packets etc.

  2. It's been a while... have you come up with your solution? I am trying to find a good one myself. My 7yr old is a huge lego fan and he inherited all of my husbands old legos as well. Right now they are (mostly) corralled into a 12ft x 12ft area of the basement. It's a train wreck! Would love to hear an update.

  3. Thanks for your comments. I think lego storage is a big issue! The solution we came up with is now on the blog,


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