Friday, 7 January 2011

Look East's tenuous Ashes link

I love our local BBC news programme, Look East. I'm always amused by how it manages to report on major news or sport events because someone involved comes from the region. We've had reports on F1 races because Lotus and Red Bull are located in the region. Massive coverage of crises in air travel because Luton and Stanstead are nearby. Although, my favourite story (from when we first moved to Beds) was when a tree fell down and blocked a road in Cambridgeshire. Major news day.

Today, we had Ashes coverage on Look East because Alistair Cook went to Bedford School and plays for Essex. I'm a big cricket fan so I'm always happy to hear cricket news in the morning, even if the link if tenuous. (Although I do wonder why BBC didn't show any actual footage of the cricket, but merely the fans cheering. Were Sky's rights too dear?)

I digress. My new thing I learnt today is that Alistair Cook's average score during the series was 127, scoring 766 runs overall. That's pretty huge eh?! Although I expect not having to play 3 innings helped with that average.

According to the BBC, of all English cricketers playing in series against Australia, this run total is second only to that of Wally Hammond, who scored 905 in 1928-29. A check of cricinfo shows that Cook has the 13th highest total number of runs in a series, but the highest in the past 15 years.

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