Sunday, 23 January 2011

The New Allotment

If you follow me on Twitter then you will know about my allotment excitement this week. But if you don't then I'll enlighten you now.

I decided to email the Town Council on Monday about my family's place on the waiting list for an allotment; we've been on it for 2 years now but I knew that new allotments had been created in mid-2010, on land owned by an Eleemosynary charity. A friend of mine who lives opposite the site said he'd got a plot there and I knew he wasn't on the main allotment waiting list.

My enquiry established there were two waiting lists; how enterprising of the Council to inform everyone on the other list. The good news was that plots were available on the new site and we could have one!

By Tuesday I had a list of three possible plots we could rent, and we all went down once my husband was home from work to check them out. Several inches of rain had fallen the previous day, so the site was waterlogged! I had to promise to clean my husband's shoes so he would carry on to look at the plot with me.

The first plot was on the existing allotment field and was fairly large (it was a half plot but perfect for us), and the other two were tiny plots that were part of a new cleared area. Considering the council were charging the same price for all these plots, we chose the largest one (despite there being a Horse Chestnut tree at the end).

By Thursday I had the tenancy agreement to sign and by Friday I was the proud tenant! I couldn't wait to get down to the site to measure the plot properly so I could make some plans.

We didn't get down there until today due to rain and a party yesterday. But it was worth the wait.

The muddy patch (lower right) was where me and my son got stuck!
The site is bordered on two sides by housing and the other two by open fields. The plot measures 8.5 m by 13.7 m (roughly). There are a few brambles and perennial weeds on the left-hand side, but the right is clear, other than for annual weeds. I can definitely get sowing on that side in a few months and work on the tricky side during the Spring and Summer.

The tree is outside the boundary of the plot, at the top left corner, but will cast shade and drop leaves. It's an ideal spot for a shed (you can see our neighbour has his there already). My husband says he won't come down to the site to help until we have a shed, so that's my priority now. 

*boots up PowerPoint*


  1. Congrats! Look forward to seeing more pics.

    For the hubby:

  2. congrats! I'm just getting started on getting an allotment in West London... hitting all the lists. I'm hoping and crossing my fingers, but I think I'm going to be on a waiting list for some time...


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