Saturday, 1 January 2011


I have high hopes for this year. My plan is to share something new I've learnt during the day. I just remembered this plan, hence the lateness of today's post.

So far today I've learnt:

1) that my children are very well behaved

2) "just one more prawn sandwich" is actually two too many

3) that my sense of humour is wide ranging.

I've made a few resolutions too.

1) Join the local running club, and go every week.

2) Eat healthily and encourage my children to try new tastes

3) Spend more time in the garden

4) Be more thoughtful when making decisions that affect others.

They're a bit poncy but there you go, it's the best I can do at 11pm when I need a wee. Comments welcome, or not, no pressure my lovely 18 subscribers.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice resolutions I think :) I didn't make any this year, at least official resolutions but of course I'll hope to get back into my gym routine and learn to manage our finances better.


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