Monday, 3 January 2011

Those blasted chocolates

As my "new thing I've learnt today" I decided to do a rough calorie count of my food and drink intake, in honour of my initiation into Stotfold Runners tomorrow. I thought it would be useful to know what foods I eat that I really shouldn't. Here's my list.

Branflakes (320), semi skimmed milk (60), handful of raisins (160), 2 cups of tea with milk (30)

Half a ham and pineapple pizza (250), oven chips (125), vinegar (0), salt (0), cup of tea (15)

Homemade turkey (120) and veg pie with mashed potato topping (240), marrowfat peas (40), gravy (100)


I'm fairly pleased with this value, bearing in mind I wasn't thinking about calories when I got up this morning. The lunch was a holiday special, so not something we have regularly. The difficulty I found was calculating the calories in my homemade pie. The value could be an overestimate or totally under.

Evening extras :-0

Sweet sherry (260), chocolates (250), ice cream (520), strongbow (240)


I think we can see exactly what I need to cut down! Arghh at the alcoholic calories. OMG at the ice cream (which hubs bought and I only ate because it was there). Damn Christmas chocolate.

A site I stumbled across while searching for calorie contents included a list of "negative calorie foods", items that supposedly require more energy to digest than they provide (eg, celery, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, carrots, broccoli). Salad anyone? The issue of calories consumed versus calories burnt by digestion is complicated and is affected by many variables. We should just remember that fruit and veg are good for us and aim to eat our 5-a-day!

So, today I have learnt:

1) counting calories is complicated and probably worthless

2) Ben and Jerry ice cream is the devil in frozen milk form

3) Raisins might be high in fibre but they are full of sugar.


  1. What you need is a spreadsheet!

  2. LOL, yes, I think I might do that ;)


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