Tuesday, 8 February 2011

How to insult your mum

I had quite an amusing conversation with my son this afternoon. He was recounting what he had done at school.

Son: "We had to write what we didn't like about the village and draw a picture."

Me: "That sounds interesting, what did you write about?"

Son: "Litter in the pond, dog mess..."

Me: "Oh yes, they aren't nice."

Son: "And mess in the house."

Me : "WHAT?! What mess in the house? There's no mess, I tidied and cleaned yesterday!"

I'm worried now as to how he illustrated the mess in the house.

Son: "You know, THIS mess" he waves his hands around as I open the front door to reveal a pile of scarves and hats that had escaped the basket they're kept in.

Me: "I see, well perhaps you could help me by tidying them away?"

Son: "I know mummy, I'm going to give you four steps to tidy the mess, NO, TEN steps!"

Here are my ten steps to a clean and tidy house.

1) Hoovering the hall and stairs.

2) Putting the shoes neatly up the stairs.

3) Hanging up the coats ("Actually mummy, that doesn't count because you've already done it.")

4) Putting the toys away.

5) Moving the things on the table.

6) Putting the clothes away.

7) Moving boxes

And I didn't catch the last three, but I've probably done them, because, you know, my house is NOT messy!

Now I need to find that picture he drew...

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