Friday, 11 March 2011

Birthday break

For the past 3 years, usually in February or March, we've gone to Center Parcs for a short break. This year we're at Elveden for my husband's birthday.

We were super-organised at packing this morning (the kids did wake us up at 5am though), and we arrived just after 10am. We didn't want to swim (which is what most late-stayers and early-arrivers do), so we got the bikes off the car roof and cycled to find our villa. Except we took a wrong turning and ended up cycling a mile in the wrong direction. (Sack the mapreader.)

For lunch we stopped at Cafe Rouge (my favourite lunchtime spot). The menu is a dieter's nightmare though, everything is covered or cooked in either butter or cream. I settled rather apprehensively on steamed mussels in tomato and chilli sauce, with a plain side salad. I've never eaten mussels before so this was an experience, and very enjoyable I must say. The worse part was watching my kids leave ice cream sundaes.

The kids loved the massive playground we found outside, and we had it to ourselves, which was great (but really strange).

Now, the kids are playing in the spa bath, I've got a G&T to hand, and my husband is ogling the tech/girls in Stuff. We're all knackered, but looking forward to swimming tomorrow.

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