Sunday, 13 March 2011

Easy like Sunday morning

Aaah, there's nothing better than having a long lie in on Sunday... So why the heck was I up at 5am?!

My 3yo daughter has been up what feels like every 2 hours (2 toilet breaks and 1 falling out of bed incident). She doesn't lie in bed and shout for me, or cry (which are both still annoying), she gets out of bed, walks into my bedroom, stands next to my face, and shouts at me (or pokes me continually in the arm until I wake up). No ignoring that!

Both kids were properly awake by 6am, so I tried morning fare of an iPad each, and biscuits and juice. After 2 mins I get a shout of "ants!" and I discover the coffee table in our Center Parcs villa is covered in the insects. Yuk. After eradicating as many of those as I could (they must be living inside the table because they aren't anywhere else) I was fully awake and realised I wasn't getting any more rest.

So, I've had an early start and am consequently a bit moody (I drank too much last night at my husband's birthday dinner, so I have a 'slight' headache). But, we are on holiday, and since nothing opens until 10am here, I'm chilling on the sofa in my PJs (hoping my husband will make breakfast today, but it's not looking likely). Kids are making aliens from a kit we were given by a friend. It's actually quite relaxing... (and the view's not bad).

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