Monday, 14 March 2011

Finding my waist

Last year for my birthday, during a bout of fitness freakiness, I asked my husband to get me a skipping rope and a hula hoop. Both have remained largely hidden ever since (and it's very difficult to hide a hula hoop).

I wanted to get the hula hoop after using the Wii Fit and enjoying the hoop exercise on that. I always could feel a difference around my waist. But dragging the Wii balance board out every day was annoying (and just never happened).

In view of my recent weight loss and strange enthusiasm for exercise, and because my abdominal muscles are still woefully weak, I've dusted off the hula hoop in an effort to strengthen my abdominal muscles and tone my waist (there are many other benefits too).

I'm very sensitive about my stomach and ab muscles, and I feel uncomfortable every time I'm asked to "engage them" during circuit training. So I think additional home workouts are key from here on.

So tonight, I've devised an ab workout, which includes a selection of crunches and curls (and back exercises too) that I've learnt at aerobics and circuits. I finished with 12 mins of hula hooping (alternating left and right orientation every 2 mins with rest periods). I did 12 mins because I started to get quite sore, I think time is something I'll have to increase slowly with this.

I just need to remember to do this workout daily now. (Umm, maybe not daily. LOL)

Next up, find that skipping rope...

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