Wednesday, 16 March 2011

It's that time again: Wednesday Wii Fit weigh-in

Here I am again, Wednesdays seem to come around so quickly. I've got the Wii balance board out and I'm contemplating stepping on to see if I've lost any weight this week.

I'm not sure I will have though. This week has been marked by bad diet choices. It was my husband's birthday last week. I've drunk alcohol, eaten two cooked breakfasts (albeit grilled or poached rather than fried), and dipped deep-fried food in sour cream. I feel queasy just remembering!

I did make some good choices too. I tried steamed mussels, ate lots of plain salads, and discovered slimline tonic with ice and lemon is just as nice without gin ;)

On the exercise front, the weekend wasn't spent very energetically! We swam and cycled, but 3 hours bobbing in a wave pool and meandering down a water slide, or following a 5yo on his bike, aren't massive calorie-burners.

But, I did get a good run on Thursday night before we left for holiday, and last night too. And I had to run to the local train station this morning to pick my car up! Monday night saw the return of the hula hoop (I have bruises!). So perhaps not as bad as I feared?

So the verdict... I lost, nothing.

I also gained nothing, so overall I'm pleased (and relieved). It seems I can splurge once in a while and eat an unhealthy meal or enjoy a night out. But not every week!

The diet and exercise routine are now back in full swing!

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  1. Well done for not gaining any weight. Nice to know you can enjoy yourself once in a while.


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