Sunday, 13 March 2011

Lazy days

We're having a lazy afternoon, sitting in front of a roaring log fire watching various wild birds on our patio. Lack of sleep has caught up with 3yo and she's fast asleep on the sofa. (Despite her demanding that we go swimming at lunchtime!)

We had a cycle ride this morning, 5yo leading the way. Really pleased that he's not forgotten how to ride his bike without stabilisers. He learnt during a camping trip in the summer but we've not had many opportunities to consolidate his new skill. He's full of confidence though, which is lovely to see.

Back to the holiday villa for various lunches (pasta for 5yo, cheese and biscuits for hubs, salad for me). Think I might be addicted to chilli (or Nando's Hot Peri Peri Sauce at any rate). I wonder what chilli addiction is called?

We'll head to the swimming pool later once 3yo wakes up. Then we're set for a takeaway tonight before packing for our return home tomorrow. Holidays are over so quickly.

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