Sunday, 3 April 2011

800-mile challenge

Last Friday, I spent the evening catching up with two old work colleagues. Both of them are runners, so we all swapped our achievements and stories over dinner. Abbie ran the London Marathon last year, she swears she will never run it again (she's currently training for a half marathon in May). Zoe is running a 10K later this year.

Abbie was telling me about a website she's set up called 800-mile challenge. The idea is simple: to log 800 miles worth of exercise in a year. The exercise can be of any type (walking, running, cycling, swimming, etc), or a combination. She reckons it's easy enough, only 15.5 miles a week! Easy for someone training for a half marathon!

Sounds like a challenge even so, and since I'm a naturally competitive person, I've signed up. Fortunately, I've been logging my runs since January on Runkeeper, so I know I've already clocked up 124 miles (although some of those are from cycling).

I'm going to have to buck my ideas up though, I've got a long way to go. I'm either going to be logging all my short walks on the school run or doing loads of exercise in December!

Are you up to the challenge? Let me know in the comments if you sign up, or if you want to share any achievements.

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