Sunday, 29 May 2011

A walk in the woods

We took the children for a walk in Rowney Warren this morning. There's always something new to discover. Today, we were looking for "clues" to help us find goblins and dragons.

There were plenty of clues for us to follow.

Where will the clues lead us?

We found a hidden fairy glade.

Shhh, the fairies are sleeping 

A "very purple bush" that had goblins living inside it.

Watch out for those goblins, they might eat our chocolate

A lovely surprise to find Pooh's house. Maybe we can find Eeyore's house too?

Is he inside?

Yes we can! Eeyore's house creaked in the wind and was a bit scary.

Where's Eeyore gone?
We didn't find any dragons, but we found lots of tracks they had left behind.

Rowney Warren is located near Chicksands and Shefford in Bedfordshire. It's run by the Forestry Commission and is free to visit.

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  1. Looks like an exciting place to visit, and free. You'll have to take us one day.


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