Monday, 27 June 2011

Diet meal plan: shopping locally

Last week was another good week diet-wise. I reached and surpassed my weight goal (I lost 3 lb), so I'm now on maintenance. This means, more calories in and, hopefully, no weight lost or gained! Easier said than done though. My in-laws were visiting this weekend and I ate chocolate, cake, and crisps, and drank wine and cider (I NEVER drink cider).

The meals all went to plan last week. I was a bit worried about defrosting and reheating the Thai green curry--the coconut milk looked as if it was separating at one point--but once heated through it was fine and tasted lovely. I managed to clear enough freezer space to buy two tubs of ice cream too!

The sausages bought from the local butcher were so good that I also bought a joint of beef for Sunday. What a delicious meal! The beef was so tender. I've decided this week I'll try to only shop locally to see what else is available. Also, allotment and garden produce is appearing!

On to this week's plan.

Summer salad with prawns. My children refuse to eat prawns, so I'll poach a piece of cod for them.

Grilled chicken with tomato, olive, pepper, and cucumber salad, in pitta breads.
I'm on a Ladies Night out tonight, at The Two Brewer's in Stotfold (eating locally...), and my son is at his friend's house.

Sweet and sour chicken wings, vegetable egg fried rice, and BBQ sauce (for my husband, who NEEDS sauce when he has rice) - will blog these recipes on Wednesday.

Beef enchiladas.

Gammon steaks, chips, and sweetcorn cobs, with a tomato salad.

Oriental-style salmon with noodles and sugar snap peas.

Roast pork

Don't forget to check out Mrs M's blog for more weekly meal plans.


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss! I love to hear about people managing to lose weight and still eat "real food" if you know what I mean.

    Enjoy your week!


  2. Thanks for your comment. I hope you enjoy looking at this week's menu.


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