Monday, 20 June 2011

Diet meal plan: soup overload!

After a successful week diet-wise for me (I lost another 3lb), I've raised my calorie intake from 1200 per day to 1400. This means I can eat a bit more (or reintroduce treats such as cake or ice cream!).

As far as this week goes, it's a bit hectic. My son has 2 school concert performances in the evening, so we need to have quick and easy meals that will keep him going. I also have a freezer stuffed to the brim with healthy meals and leftovers, so I'm focussing on using those up (and building up my Tupperware collection again!). We have family staying from Friday to Sunday, so we'll eat out one day and perhaps have a BBQ if the weather is good.

Lunch (for me): stuffed vine leaves and salad (bought at the Father's Day Chilli Fiesta we went to yesterday)
Dinner: Turkey bolognaise sauce with pasta (soup for me)

Lunch: Cheesy pasta and garlic slices (from the freezer)
Dinner: Thai green chicken curry and rice (I'm running, so I'll have [more] soup later)

Lunch: Soup [I have at least three homemade varieties in the freezer!]
Dinner: Baked potatoes, various fillings to choose from

Lunch: Beans on toast
Dinner: Fish fingers and chips (late dinner for me and hubs so probably mussels in ratatouille for me and a burger for him)

Lunch: Egg salad
Dinner: Chicken and sausages (bought from our local butcher, Beale Bros, supposedly the best sausages around and low fat too), homemade potato wedges, and salads (cooked on the BBQ if weather is good)

Eating out

Lunch: Roast beef

Don't forget to check out Mrs M's blog for more meal ideas for the week.

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  1. Well done on your weight loss!

    Thanks for joining in - some nice things there!


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