Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Lasting impressions

As I overtook a cyclist this morning in the car, I was reminded of my driving instructor. (Gamil Gattase: he worked for the AA driving school and was teaching his daughter to drive at the same time as me. I was better than she was.) He always told me when we passed a cyclist "Now check your mirror to make sure you didn't run him over". It's a silly memory, but something I always mutter to myself as I overtake cyclists.

When I was making my children's packed lunches later, I was buttering bread and thinking of my old Brownie pack leader (RIP Penny Cook), who I remember telling me to "butter right up to the edges because no one wants dry bread". I seriously remember her every time I butter bread.

And sat at my desk while working before lunch, struggling to see out of one eye because my contact lens had gone blurry, I remembered my husband's Auntie Pamela. Many many years ago (when I was VERY young!), I was telling her about a night out when I'd had contact lens issues and been unable to see all night. Thus, she passed on her vast contact lens knowledge. "Stick the lens in your mouth and give it a gentle suck, it'll do the trick. Better to use your own mouth than go blind." Priceless, classic, I've fallen on this emergency tip many a time.

I was wondering a while ago about my children and what their abiding memory of me would be. Will they remember the bad things, when I get cross with them for example? The fact I ALWAYS seem to be going running. Or the nice things, like when we make cakes or I "let" them go to the park. Or will I manage to pass on some priceless tip they remember forever? I sure hope so.

What random lasting memories do you have? How do you remember your parents? Please feel free to comment. (My mum taught me how to fold flour into cake mix, how to iron a shirt, the correct way to peg out washing, and never to eat chicken twice in one day. My dad taught me never to give up.)

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  1. What a brilliant blog! I was just getting to the end and wondering where your lasting memories of me were. Thank goodness I taught you something, although I howled laughing at the chicken! Can't think why I said that, must be about having a well balanced diet. My mum taught me never to gossip. I'll probably spend the rest of the day now thinking about my memories of people.


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