Thursday, 9 June 2011

My Fitness Story

If you've arrived at my blog via The Five Fs then "hello and welcome". Since you've probably read (and hopefully enjoyed) my fitness story, I thought a list of other relevant posts might be of interest, to save too much random clicking.

  • I blogged in early January about my initiation into the local running club.
  • At the beginning of March, I had a look back at the past 2 months to see how far I'd come with respect to my weight loss.
  • Although I had been tweeting since January about my weekly Wii Fit weigh-ins, my blog followers were no so fortunate. This post introduced it, and I sounded off about a bad week I'd had.
  • I dusted my weighted hula hoop off and attempted to find my waist.
  • After a family holiday, I discovered the joy of splurging and getting away with it.
  • At the end of March I had reached the ideal BMI range; I blogged about my achievements, why I thought I was doing so well, and my love of toast.
  • In April, I ran a 10K race and wrote a piece about panting women and jelly babies.
  • Most recently, I've blogged about my new Garmin Forerunner and training with a heart monitor.
Hope you enjoy reading any or all of these posts. Feel free to leave a comment, I will reply!

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